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The Photographers.


The photographers whose work is displayed in Project Lives reside in the New York housing developments.  They all signed up for what was then called Developing Lives, undertaking a 12-week workshop and training course brought to the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) by George Carrano on behalf of his 501(c)(3) non-profit, Seeing for Ourselves, which became NYCHA's partner.



Ashley Garcia                                                                                                 Ana Sanjurjo                                                                                  Georgina (Gina) Bermudez  Marcy Morales                                                                                               Helen Marshall                                                                              Wendy Lin                     

Jared Wellington                                                                                            Jane Mary Saiter                                                                            Delverin Jenkins  

Gertrude Livingston                                                                                     Christian Jiminez                                                                            Nuris Padilla                       Aaliyah Colon                                                                                                 Angelly Suero                                                                                Jaylie Efferson                    Georgia Bishop                                                                                              Sheik Bacchus                                                                               Robert Hicks           

Darren Yang                                                                                                   Susana Ortiz                                                                                  Elodie Jean-Baptiste

Janyia Ford                                                                                                     Alina Navarro                                                                                 Kayla Rorres               

Shalliyah Atkins                                                                                             Dorothy Ballard                                                                             Jimmy Aragon

Margarita Curet                                                                                             Irene Young Bacchus                                                                    Elsa Alimentato

Mary Reed                                                                                                      Catalina (Tata) Trinidad                                                                Moises Jiminez     

Margaret Wells                                                                                              Lashanique (Znya) Morning                                                         Alicia Megan                       Deborah Candreva                                                                                       Linda Erwin                                                                                     Startasia (Star) Norris

Uvica Francois                                                                                               Rafaela Nova                                                                                   Lanise Blair                    













Four photographers tell their story

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